What Others Are Saying . . .

  • It has been my privilege to count Gary Losey as a friend for over twenty years. Many years ago, our lives connected when we both worked for the Luis Palau organization. Even back then, Gary’s gifts of organization and wisdom were a blessing to me. As the Director of Program and Training for Luis Palau, I knew that whenever I came into a city where Gary was in charge, things would be ready to go and he had not missed a detail. Time has passed and I now have my own ministry – Eternity Minded Ministries. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to have Gary organizing our events! It’s a unique skill set that can organize people and events in third world countries and Gary possesses those skills. It is a blessing to have someone who has the ability to organize with a spirit of humility, as well as communicate effectively by teaching and preaching. Dan Owens, President
    Eternity Minded Ministries
  • I have worked with Gary for nearly 20 years and have always been impressed by his love for evangelism and heart for Africa. He is extremely reliable and well organized. He is passionate about serving the Church overseas and he is committed to bringing unity to the Body of Christ. I have total confidence in Gary and would recommend his diligent leadership to anyone. Kevin Palau, President
    Luis Palau Association
  • My first exposure to Mr. Gary Losey in 1998 came about during the foremost stages of what became a statewide crusade called Mission Maine. That exposure now leads to this unsolicited letter of endorsement to laud uncommon skills that I have clearly observed in Mr. Losey. Most notably among these would be unusual human engineering skills, affability, and sophistication. Gary quickly displayed to me management maturity and depth in management skills not commonly found in most managers. Gary had the whole package; excellent communication skills, commanding presence and bearing, great listening skills, tremendous tenacity, patience, etc. In my exposure to him, Gary has always exhibited unusual self-discipline and professionalism. His thoroughness in work habits and attention to detail certainly typifies a man energized by calling, and not one motivated by salary. I feel that he not only understands and possesses all the requirements for leadership, but he also understands followership, hard work and the importance of team cohesiveness. I feel Gary would be an asset to any organization and highly recommend him for any assignment where outstanding character, judgment and discernment are a must. Ernest J. Gaudet, Cost/Price Analysis Manager
    The Boeing Company (Retired)
  • I am excited to recommend Gary Losey and his work as ministry director for Global Partnership Ministries. I have had the opportunity over the past seventeen years to observe Gary’s life and ministry to the Lord. I have grown to possess a deep respect for him as a man who loves God and as a servant of Jesus. Gary has demonstrated a servant’s heart with a strong zeal for the Gospel. It has been my joy to see God use Gary’s unique gifts to advance the name of Jesus in our community and the world. Gary’s ministry vision is to employ his administrative gifts to glorify God by joining with churches and evangelists to help them be more fruitful in evangelism. I am confident that Gary’s new work with Global Partnership Ministries will advance God’s kingdom in wonderful ways. Ritch Boerckel, Senior Pastor
    Bethany Baptist Church, Peoria, Illinois
  • I am so excited to commend to you Gary Losey and Global Partnership Ministries (GPM). Gary has been faithfully serving various evangelistic ministries for a global impact over many years. And because this is Gary’s area of giftedness, I am happy that GPM can work to strengthen the connection between Gary’s ministry efforts and the local church. With GPM, I believe Gary is now released to minister according to his strengths and giftedness, with the added impact of discipling, mentoring, and raising up a new generation that understands the responsibility of the local church to fulfill the Great Commission. I hope you will join me in supporting Gary with your prayers and finances to advance the kingdom of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Art Georges, Senior Pastor
    Living Hope Community Church, Bartonville, Illinois
  • Ever since I have known Gary, he has been a tremendous blessing to my life. His love for Christ, his personal integrity and his desire to serve have made him a model staff member. While I will personally miss Gary tremendously as we move forward, I am convinced that the Lord’s calling on his life to do international missions is right where he needs to spend his time. As he forms Global Partnership Ministries, I know he will be in his “sweet spot” that will prove to bear great fruit for the Kingdom. Our prayers go with Gary and Barb as they continue to follow the Lord’s leading in their lives. Jeff Schwarzentraub, President
    One Heartbeat Ministries