The Bible

We believe in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament as verbally inspired of God and inerrant in the original manuscripts; their sole sufficiency and final authority in all matters of faith and practice.

The Godhead

We believe in the Holy Trinity, the one living and true God eternally existing in three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; that these three Persons are identical in essence and equal in power and glory; they possess the same nature, attributes, and perfections, and are equally worthy of the same worship, confidence, and obedience.

God the Father

We believe that God the Father, the first person of the Trinity, orders and disposes all things according to His own sovereign purpose and grace. He is the creator of all things. His fatherhood involves both His designation within the Trinity and His relationship with mankind. He has decreed for His own glory all things that come to pass. He continually upholds, directs, and governs all creatures and events. In His sovereignty He is neither author nor approver of sin, nor does He abridge the accountability of moral, intelligent creatures.

Jesus Christ 

We believe that Jesus Christ, the second person of the Trinity, is coequal with God the Father. We believe in the essential deity and perfect humanity of our Lord Jesus Christ, born of the virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit; that He came to reveal God to mankind, lived a perfect life, and shed His blood for the sin of the world as the only acceptable, substitutionary sacrifice, satisfying God’s righteous judgments against sin; that He arose in the very body, though glorified, in which He had been crucified; that He ascended into Heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father; and that He now appears in the presence of God as the only mediator between God and man until He comes again.

Holy Spirit

We believe the Holy Spirit is a Divine Person; that He enabled man to write the Scriptures; that He convicts the world of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment; that He regenerates those who believe, places them into the Body of Christ, and indwells them permanently, sealing them unto the day of redemption; that as Christ’s representative on earth, He calls out a people for God’s service and empowers and directs them in that service. We believe in this respect, that God the Holy Spirit is sovereign in the bestowing of all His gifts for the perfecting of the saints today.


We believe the fallen angel known as Satan was originally perfect in his ways; that he rebelled and drew with him a large number of other angels; that he, together with his demons, is active in opposition to God and His work; that Satan and his emissaries were defeated at the cross of Christ; that they will be bound for a thousand years at the return of Christ to the earth; and that ultimately they will be cast into the lake of fire where they will be punished eternally.

Man Created and Fallen

We believe the universe and all that is in it, including man, was created by God in six literal days; that man, originally created in the image of God, fell into sin by Adam’s voluntary act of disobedience; that as a consequence of his sin, he lost his spiritual life, becoming dead in trespasses and sin, and that he became subject to the power of the devil and physical death. We also believe that this spiritual death, or total depravity of human nature, has been transmitted to the entire human race of man, the Man Christ Jesus alone being excepted; and hence that every child of Adam is born into the world with a nature which not only possesses no spark of divine life, but is essentially and unchangeably evil and under God’s judgment apart from divine grace.


We believe through faith alone in the crucified risen Christ, man is regenerated, justified, and made a child of God. It is a sovereign and gracious act of God totally apart from the works of man. Man cannot gain it by his acts, nor can he lose it by his actions. There is but one way of salvation, namely, through the Person and work of Christ. All who so trust the Savior pass from death unto life, are forgiven of their sins, accepted by the Father, and adopted into His family by means of the Holy Spirit through the Word of God.

Future Things

We believe in the imminent, second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to reign with His resurrected saints for 1,000 years prior to the eternal kingdom of God.